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All about the YÖS Exam

The YÖS exam is the entrance examination of foreign students at the Turkish universities. This exam will allow students to study subjects such as Medicine, Law, Psychology, Pharmacy, Mechanical engineering, Architecture and more in Turkey.
In most cases, the YOS Exam consists of 80 questions. Most of the 45 questions in the exam are the so-called IQ questions (general ability questions, Intelligence Questşons). The remaining 35 questions are from Mathematics. One can compare the topics of mathematics that occur in the YÖS exam with the questions of mathematics from the 10th grade in high school.

Terms and requirements of the SAT Exam

1) Have Foreign Nationality
2) Are Turkish citizens from birth and received the permission for withdrawal from citizenship from the Turkish Ministry of Internal Affairs and those who are able to certify that their children who are recorded in their parents’ document of permission for withdrawal from citizenship and have not reached at a lawful age and have the document concerning the exercise of the given rights in accordance with the Turkish Citizenship Law, (Article 7 of the Turkish Citizenship Law (5901) states that “A child born to a Turkish mother or through a Turkish father within the unity of marriage either in Turkey or abroad is a Turkish citizen”. The applicants are strongly advised to read the Turkish Citizenship Law before submitting their applications).

Applicants who have started their secondary education after 01/02/2013 and completed their secondary (high school) education in a foreign country except Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (including those who have completed their High School Education abroad, except Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, in Turkish schools accredited by Ministry of Education) can apply for foreign student admission quotas,

5) Have Northern Cyprus citizenship and reside in Northern Cyprus and those who have completed their secondary (high school) education in Northern Cyprus and have GCE AL exam results and enrolled in colleges and high schools in other countries between 2005 and 2010 and have or will have GCE AL exam results will be accepted.

  • International Standards – Teaching in a new method and in accordance with international standards.
  • Leveled Classes – Leveling students with equal level in groups for better results.
  • Standard Environment – a controlled and completely safe and academic environment. fringilla
  • Student Dedication- Aenean ut purus non tortor rhoncus bibendum
  • Motivation and Self-Confidence – You won’t have be worried about the Exam Result by taking several test exams.

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SAT YOS Akademi Preparation Courses Scheduling

SAT exam courses at SAT YOS Akademi are held in three stages : August 1 (Standard), September 1 (semi-intensive) and October 1 (intensive), which the student must pre-register from two months in advance.

If you are an international student who has graduated at least from high school, or from any institute that is on equal terms with the high school position in Turkey, you can apply for the International Students Exam. In addition to that, you have to carry out the registration requirements determined by the higher education institutions they prefer. In Turkey, every institute and university has different terms and preferences for acceptance of international students. Therefore, you should first have a list of the requirements of the university or institute that you are going to apply.

The international students who graduated high school or will graduate in one year can apply to YOS.
The language of the YOS (International Students Exam) is Turkish and English. The exam tests your foreign language capability and cultural knowledge about Turkey
You can use Turkish dictionary and you can search online regarding YOS questions. With that kind of information, you can prepare yourself for the exam.
The period of validity for result document is 2 (two) years.
Depending on when you entered the course described in the Course Overview and for more information you can contact us!
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Topics of YÖS EXAM

Foreign Student Exam (YÖS) consists of two different chapters, Basic Learning Skills Test and Turkish Test. While Basic Learning Skills Test is related to mathematics, geometry and symbolic expression, Turkish test is optionally answered.
The YÖS Examination is composed of two tests:
The “Basic Learning Skills Test” assesses abstract reasoning. The questions have a minimal dependence on language but explanations are given in Turkish and English. This section includes 80 questions or 100 questions It takes 90-135 minutes.
The “Turkish Language Proficiency Test” assesses the applicant’s comprehension of written Turkish. The Turkish test takes 60 minutes. It is only used to decide whether a candidate who has been accepted into a programme conducted in Turkish can immediately commence that programme or not.

Scores of YOS are valid for 2 years. There are 2 parts in YOS exam as Basic Learning Skills Test and Turkish Test. Basic Learning Skills Test are in 2 languages; English and Turkish. The score of Turkish Test is for only finding out if the international student needs language year if he wants to study the program in Turkish.

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Requirements and Conditions to register for the YOS Course

In order to take the YOS test and take the test preparation course, in addition to the prerequisites mentioned in the Pre-Registration section and the Overview Section, you need to have certain ethical, educational and legal requirements.

If you are planning to choose SAT YOS Academy, the most prestigious and oldest in this field, as a center to build your educational future with peace of mind, you can Pre-register through the Website Pre-Register Section.

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Prof. Noureddin Hosseini
Prof. Noureddin HosseiniFounder - Director - Mathematics Teacher
30 Years of Experience in teaching YÖS Mathematics
Educated at Hacetteppe University in the field of Nuclear Energy
Alper Singin
Alper SinginEnglish Teacher
9 Years of Professional Experience Regarding YÖS English Section, Educated at Hacetteppe University in the English Linguistics field.

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